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When you get a bump to your body, your first reaction is to rub the affected area. It’s no wonder massage has been a thing for well over 2000 years. Our ancestors knew instinctively how to feel better. Achy muscles and joints just feel better when massaged. In today’s world, scientific study proves the multitude of benefits derived from massage therapy. Benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, increased white blood cell production, pain relief, improved range of motion, better sports performance, sounder sleep and a sense of being grounded. This list is just a handful of known benefits that can change how you live in your body. Completely natural, holistic wellness. New York State governs the practice of massage therapy and requires practitioners to be licensed after completing 1000 hours of study. Look for the letters LMT, which mean licensed massage therapist after a practitioner’s name. You can check credentials on the NYS Office of Professions website, https://www.op.nysed.gov/ Zensations Therapeutic Massage opened April 1, 2005 and continues to serve CNY with the same mission, professional massage service and wellness with the highest standards of customer care. Our therapists are experienced and practice active listening. Listening to you, and your specific needs, listening to your body and knowing how to achieve the desired results with comfort and care. You can meet our LMT’s on our Staff page. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have, we are here to serve and educate. It’s Autumn at Zensations, and we are excited to offer Juicy Apple or Pumpkin Spice Ultra Hydrating Massages or maybe a Hot Stone massage with aromatherapy like Motivate, Peppermint, Serenity or Citrus Bliss! Essential oils heighten your experience naturally. Book your appointment online or call the office! It really is all about you!

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