Artists Reception

Artists Reception

Beth Whitcombe

I began studying both film and digital photography in high school and entered college at SUNY Potsdam as an Art Education major. Eventually, I changed direction and finished with a degree in Special Education. I have been a Special Education teacher at Rome City Schools for the last four years. I took a break from photography until the Spring of 2020 when COVID-19 seemed to stop the world in its tracks. When I finally picked my camera back up, I focused mainly on landscape photography during my travels around New York and the Northeast.

Landscape photography has been a favorite of mine, capturing both land and water. I enjoy taking long exposure shots of waterfalls to create a sense of movement, and fall foliage to capture the brilliant colors that nature presents each Autumn. Many of the photographs in this show are from various locations in Adirondack Park and Acadia National Park.

Photography gives me the opportunity to travel, and a way to remember the places I've had the chance to visit. This summer I traveled to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine with a friend, photographing everything along the way. The trip gave me a desire to travel more, and to capture the beauty that our country has to offer. In the future, I plan to travel out West to many of the National Parks to photograph the different landscapes and other natural areas.

Hi, I'm April Cacciatori.

I know what it's like to wake up one day and think "Is this really what my life is about?"

Wake, eat, work, eat, sleep & repeat.

That's why I became a BodyMind Coach and why I guide women through the ever-challenging transitions we face as we navigate this thing called life.

You want that "something more" that fulfills your heart and soul. For that authentic feeling of being one with the world.

It comes down to these 2 questions:

What do you want?

Are you ready to go for it?