Remember that first amazing sunrise that took your breath away? What came to mind, what thoughts occurred?

Awe, inspiration, love, faith, hope... All those and more. Especially when you consciously rise early just to witness the Universe's daily painting. Maybe you credit God. Or Spirit. I love that because regardless of who gets the credit, you just felt something primal stir in your soul. It was that stirring, so many years ago that prompted me to begin writing daily gratitude's accompanied by my morning sunrise. Gratitude, inspiration and love are the driving force that keep me posting daily. In a world that pushes negativity, I found a way to create balance and hope in my life. You have liked, loved, commented and thanked me for my daily Facebook posts over and over again. So it's with you in mind that I created 'Ordinary Zenspiration' a guided journal filled with a year of sunrises and the best of my inspiration and action steps you can apply to your own life. I needNEEDneed your help to get this rocket ship launched, please click on this link to pre-order your copy. My goal is 500 copies! That's what it takes to get in front of as many publishers as possible. From Heather G. I love these posts you do everyday! A reminder to be positive, believe and have hope!