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Pendulums Zenspiration Box



Stop tolerating an uncomfortable life. Start living a life that truly fits you.


Zenspiration boxes are part a boost of love, joy, and happiness in a box. Part an invitation to embrace the messy, ugly pieces of life.


We’ve gotten the message that we need to change ourselves to please others. To fit in. But we aren’t here to fill the expectations of others.

We’re seeking something more, that something missing, that exact path to our perfect, meaningful life. The truth is there is no exact path and that something more is already in you.

The key to embracing the ordinary, extraordinariness of your life can be found in these four words:

Gratitude. Love. Learn. Play.

Each item in your Zenspiration box is a tangible reminder that these qualities are already in you—even though tapping into them might feel hard.

We are each full of infinite potential and possibility put on this Earth to be curious. To discover. To explore.

Our own self love can fortify us in even the toughest times. But that self love can be hard to access.

These boxes serve as a reminder of your own self love, self care, and the infinite abundance of being YOU.

Let’s dig a little deeper for the pure gold that lives within each of us. We get this one go-round, so don’t waste another minute ignoring the ordinary!

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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