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I’ve been imagining who the man on the moon was since I could look up into the night sky. Every full moon had my attention.  I examined and scrutinized that surface for any flicker of a change. I could always see his face, solemn and quiet.

Who knew the moon was a chick?

Luna. Bella Luna.
Beautiful Moon.

Representing the Female, Yin energy is feminine.
Intuitive, dark, soft, resting, and nourishing in a winter kind of way.
Meditation, yoga, a long hot bath, self-care for restoring your soul.

Selenite Crystals

represent the moon Goddess, Selene, bringing tranquility, love, light, and blessing. “Selenite inspires a profound peace and carries a fine, high frequency and intensity of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for opening, clearing, and activating the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras. It is ideal for meditation, spiritual work, and connecting to ancient wisdom and knowledge, and is one of the best crystals for accessing one’s spirit guides and the angelic realm.” crystalvaults.com

So what of the rest of the heavens?

The Sun, Helios, Sol, CEO – center of our solar system and without which there would be no life here on earth. Dramatic yes, but he is the biggest star after all. Yang energy is male. Logical, light, hard, action-oriented in a summer kind of way. Make it happen, get it done, the hustle of progress.

‘Be Your Own Astrologer- Unlock The Secrets of The Signs and Planets’ by Joanna Watters

is a comprehensive guide to better understanding astrology and how the exact position of the pla

Our lives unfold minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day as we travel the long road through the unknown. What is tucked away in your soul contract? What might you discover in your map of the planets? Your unique story is waiting for discovery.

With today’s technology, anyone can quickly calculate their natal astrology chart in a matter of minutes. The real goods come through with someone adept at reading them. I’m honored to share a special offer from dear friend Melissa Kelley, a deeply intuitive natal chart reader.

Melissa brought my natal chart to life and so many questions were answered for me. I’m a caretaker, caregiver, empath, and as it turns out, I am in the care of the world on a level I never even considered. I had no idea bossy Saturn and expansive sun sign Jupiter already had a plan for me! You can have your chart deciphered by Melissa too, connect with her at www.sacredshe.com. Tell her I sent you and receive a special offer from her.

Accomplish Great Things

necklace, a brilliant little sun brings an energetic vibe to any outfit, casual or dressy.

As a collector of writing and coloring implements, keeping them in some kind of order is a must. I couldn’t resist the playful Solar Pencil Box. I’m pretty sure they were designed for kids but hey, rocking my inner 12 year old keeps my curiosity kicking! Look inside to find a beautiful grown-up pen.

Writing with a fabulous pen makes the experience all the more special. The Celestial Journal holds infinite promise for 2022. From Bullet Journaling to doodling to expressing your personal meditations, these pages beckon to be inked.

Light up someone’s mailbox with LOVE with a Celestial Notecard, an old-school opportunity to send a handwritten sentiment. It feels great to receive a card from a friend!

Living a fully soul-satisfying life with every day that we’re given here on this earthly plane. You get to:

You get to choose.

You get to choose the next steps. You get to choose what you eat. You get to choose what you wear. You get to choose your career. You get to choose the people that are in your life. You get to choose it all.

Even when you find yourself in dire circumstances, consider all the choices you made that brought you here to this moment. I know we all have had moments when we felt like a victim of circumstance.

Sometimes we truly are. It doesn’t always come easy breezy.

Feeling all of it is part of the journey and the lessons we signed up for through our soul contracts. Having a navigational guide to our astrological map can help make sense of the mysterious ways we self-sabotage ourselves or continue to connect to the wrong human.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings. Find me at:


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