Ordinary Zespirations

I have always looked for zen.

What is it? How could I get it? Would I know if I had it? So many questions… I have sought after answers and I believe I have them.

It’s that feeling of balance, alignment, enlightenment, inner knowing, and trust in one’s intuition.

I incorporated the word into my massage practice name, Zensations. A bridging of the eastern teachings to the west in which the sensations of therapeutic touch result in zen.

And now...my book!

Ordinary Zenspiration, Find Your Chill, Find Your Fun, Find Yourself.’

I took my inspirational Facebook posts and brought them together in this book that includes the action steps to move you forward.

What makes the ordinary, extraordinary?
Gratitude. Love. Learn. Play.

Gratitude and play can turn a downpour without an umbrella into a puddle-stomping moment of laughter that my inner child can’t resist.

Love shows the beauty of the rain as it falls to the ground.

In appreciation for the ordinary, I have discovered how extra it all can be.

This is the inner work that transforms the outer world. Do the work and you can’t help but notice the extra in the ordinary.

This book is big magic.

My idea for this book had been filed away in the ‘someday’ files. And here it is. I hope you take a cue and get cozy with your dreams and ideas.

Pick up your autographed copy at our office, or request one via snail mail!