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Life Coaching


Life Coaching

“Stop tolerating an uncomfortable life. Start living a life that truly fits you.”

Trust your inner guide, your intuition recognized, and developed. A deep dive into what makes you tick and why. Here is where you uncover patterns of self-sabotage, or getting stuck and just never moving forward or beyond the place you already are. You do not have to live by someone else’s rules.

To get to where you are going, you need to know where you are!

Life Coaching with April

From your starting point, we move through what’s most important to you,  core values, family values, cultural values, and how these shape our responses and reactions to what is around us. 

We will find clarity around your desires, what you want most in your life, vision, goals & action plans.

Each session will include teaching points by me and move into coaching with each of you. At each session, the floor will be opened for wins, questions, and concerns. The things you wish to do, be, or see, and need to get clear on to move forward.


Certification from Applied Depth Practitioner Institute

Body Mind Method

The BodyMind Method© is about activating your physiology—your three brains—and working together with that physiology so that you can live more connected, present, and fulfilled in your life and fully resourced to achieve your desires.


Personalized guidance, support, and tools to unlock your full potential, set and achieve meaningful goals, and create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Have a Question?

The process starts with a complimentary 30 minute call with April.  Curious to know more about how it all works?  

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