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You want to feel energized and grounded instead of stressed out and tense. You look forward to the mental break you experience when you enter Zensations Therapeutic Massage, because it's then that you realize the peace you desire is within your grasp. The sooner you feel relief from the muscle tension the better.

Let's take your wellness to a level of care that allows you the ability to function from that place of balance and clarity, where you are in the flow, and being in the flow is the organic state of joy, grace and ease we all love to feel.

I believe every single one of us hold the power to initiate and maintain our own wellness. Most of us give that power away on a daily basis. This is the program I use to teach you to hold and keep your power.

It all starts with you. You deciding that the time is now.

Our life coach massage therapy sessions in Rome, NY are designed to:

Relieve your daily discomforts

Eliminate your stress and anxiety

Improve your sleep schedule

Empower you to commit to self-improvement

Signs Your Ready For A Change:

- Your body tells you the daily discomfort that comes with repetitive stress syndrome, your mind agrees and stays disconnected, running on autopilot
- Stress has you waking up nightly only to toss and turn with anxiety over your to-do list for the next day

Results You Should Expect:

- Your work life/stress balance will become easily managed and you will be able to successfully employ boundaries
- Your body, mind, and heart will become fully connected leaving you with a smile and the confidence needed to shine bright

Don't put your self-development on hold any longer

Don't put your self-development on hold any longer

You shouldn't feel guilty about committing to a self-care regimen. April Cacciatori, owner of Zensations Therapeutic Massage, will help you achieve the personal breakthrough you've been longing for. After 12 years practicing life coaching and massage therapy in Rome, NY, we've seen our clients experience amazing transitions that wouldn't have been possible by means of massage alone.

A FREE 30-minute discovery session with April Cacciatori, LMT, BMC, can open the door for you to live comfortably again in your body with focus and clarity. Start living body-mind connected today! Call 315-339-9100 now to find out if our life coach massage therapy service in Rome, NY is right for you.

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