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noun: gratitude

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I began a practice of Gratitude November 1, 2015 on my Facebook timeline by posting a daily gratitude. When November 30 arrived, I couldn’t imagine my gratitude stopping with the month’s end and I vowed to continue until the next November. As the months passed I began to notice a feeling of ease and focus that wasn’t there before. I started to pay closer attention to my emotional state. Sure enough, everyday I felt more and more grounded with a real sense of ‘I get to be here’ instead of ‘I have to be here’. Regardless of where I was. Home, work, play, doing mundane tasks or exciting happenings.

Right there in front of me and I still didn’t see the gift for what it was. Grace.

At the very least it cost’s you a token of time to write down 1 gratitude a day. Try writing a page from the heart and see what comes your way! it really is that simple. When you practice Gratitude, wholehearted work every day, the gift will be yours as well.

How does Grace show up in your life?

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