Cupping for Massage

You’ve heard about it, seen the round marks on Michael Phelps back and shoulders at the Olympics, but what the heck is Cupping?Cupping

Long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping, VacuTherapy, and Vacuum therapy is a pleasant, non-invasive modality that achieves powerful results by using acrylic cups that when applied to the body create a negative pressure, suction, pulling the tissue away from the body. This reverse pressure encourages blood flow, opens up connective tissue and releases areas of chronic tension.

The benefits of cupping are seen in the results, typically releasing stubborn areas of contracture, tension and hypertonicity in the first session. Cupping doesn’t hurt, many people report feeling a soothing sensation as the tissue is pulled away with gentle suction.

Benefits include:
Reduced inflammation
Healing & regeneration through circulation
Warming, increases elasticity of skin
Decreased muscle tension
Disperse stagnant tissue wastes

Cupping therapy is available with Aubrey Carletta, LMT.