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April Cacciatori


“To get to where you are going, you need to know where you are”

Need a speaker for your upcoming event?  Book April Cacciatori for an insightful and engaging presentation. April covers a variety of topics, offering thought-provoking discussions, practical strategies, and inspiration to create positive change in both personal and professional lives.

Inspiring audiences

Every gathering develops a soul of its own when we come together with a purpose. With a feel for directing a group, April creates a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable engaging in the conversation/topic at hand.

April doesn’t speak at you, she speaks with you, engaging the audience to participate through questions, active journaling, and sometimes even a minute of out of your seat dance party! The art of transformation comes to life within the power of the group.

April has led private transformational retreats as well as workshops on The Power of Gratitude, Co-Creating Through Gratitude, Trust, and Active Listening at Innovare Advancement Center in Rome, NY, and was recently the Keynote Speaker at the Take the Day Fundraiser in Utica, NY.

These events are designed to help others implement the action steps necessary to create new possibilities.


Certification from Applied Depths Institute

Body Mind Method Certified Coach

The BodyMind Method© is about activating your physiology—your three brains—and working together with that physiology so that you can live more connected, present, and fulfilled in your life and fully resourced to achieve your desires.

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April can cover a number of topics ranging from mind & body wellness to personal development. 

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