Renew Your Complexion With a Fassage

Find facial massage therapy services in Rome, NY

Zensations Therapeutic Massage offers fassages as an extension of our therapy services. This type of facial massage incorporates a variety of elements designed to relax you and refresh your complexion, such as:

Warm, moist towels

Facial cleansers

After wash

Honey masques

Eye serum


We’ll massage raw honey onto your face and drape a warm towel over you as we massage your hands. Then, we’ll rinse away your masque with raw milk. You’ll feel younger and more energized once your fassage is complete.

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Choose the fassage that meets your wellness needs

Choose the fassage that meets your wellness needs

Zensations Therapeutic Massage provides a variety of facial massage options in Rome, New York. Each of our fassages listed below yields a different health benefit:

  • Moroccan bamboo fassages make you feel youthful and serene while nourishing your skin with Omega-rich Argan oil.
  • SpaHouse Signature Facial Massages are designed to remove dull skin, revealing healthier, more radiant skin.

Whichever fassage you choose, our therapists will make sure your treatment is relaxing and refreshing. Visit us today to experience the benefits of a facial massage in Rome, New York.